TEDx talk

In September, 2019 I was invited to give a TEDx talk under the banner of TEDx Macquarie University.  My talk is titled ‘Disruption is not a dirty word’ and focuses on the need for active and intentional disruption within the existing structures and systems which collectively make up the nation referred to as ‘Australia’. In this talk, I challenge viewers to consider… On the land now commonly referred to as ‘Australia’ the structures and systems collectively known as media, education, politics, health, agriculture and policing continue to be reflective of white supremacist ideologies which were intentionally and overtly core to their foundations. An uncomfortable, and perhaps contentious statement to hear, but how might recognizing this truth impact how we as a society understand our past and present, and envisage our collective future?

You can watch my Talk  directly on the TED channel www.TED.com or embedded via Youtube below.