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On occasion I do accept commissions as a freelance writer, speaker, and/or panellist.  I accept these commissions only where I have the available time and can see the value for myself and/or my community.  This work is done for a fee. Please do not ask me to gift you my time and work. Below are some examples of my published freelance work.

May, 2021                 Stella Prize Keynote Address

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November, 2020.     Business Chicks x The Parenthood Panel

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November, 2020.     NAIDOC Week Gawuru x Macquarie Group Fundraising event panel

October, 2020     Sydney Policy Lab x University of Sydney Panellist

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September, 2020     Buzzfeed      Read

21 Indigenous-Owned Brands You’ll Love To Support And Wear Right Now
Author: Amy Thunig

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August, 2020    IndigenousX    Read

Indigenous academic women: treated as ‘black performer’ in higher education.

This article is part of a series titled ‘wuu-rri-lay’ (give each other) which translates Amy’s peer-reviewed academic publications from her PhD into accessible, plain language articles, held in spaces not hindered by pay walls. This article relates to the peer-reviewed academic paper ‘Don’t make me play house‑n***er’: Indigenous academic women treated as ‘black performer’ within higher education (Thunig and Jones, 2020) which can be read in full in The Australian Educational Researcher (AER) and is available here

July, 2020.    Panellist CODA ZERO: Change  Learn

Equity, Education and The Academy.

June, 2020  Contributor: Audible    Listen

Debutante: Race, Resistance and Girl Power

They’re wearing ball gowns, they’re debutantes… and they’re black. The debs’ ball is a controversial colonial export but can it be empowering too? Australia’s most celebrated young playwright Nakkiah Lui and actress Miranda Tapsell put on their hats and gloves to find out.

May, 2020     Big Sister Hotline! Podcast    Listen Here

Presented weekly by Clementine Ford, this is your place to ask all the questions you’re too embarrassed to ask your therapist, with the kind of frank advice you could expect to get from the person who loves you most – your big sister.

March, 2020     Marie Clare x Myer International Women’s Day Breakfast     Read
Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival

Melb Fashion Festival 2020

Hosted by marie claire editor Nicky Briger, this event brought together over 400 guests to listen to a diverse panel of accomplished women, including Asher Keddie, Yael Stone, Amy Thunig, Elyse Knowles, Jean Hinchcliffe and Matina Jewell.

Amy Thunig with Nicky Briger. Amy is dressed by Cue, thanks to Myer

March, 2020    Witchery x Future Women     Read

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2020, Future Women and Witchery are proud to honour the next generation of Indigenous leaders. Hosted by Brooke Boney, speakers included Marlee Silver, Amy Thunig, Shannan Dodson,  and Leilana Bin-Juda.

Leilani, Shannan, Amy, Brooke, and Marlee

February, 2020    Sydney Review of Books    Read

Swimmers and Smoke Masks

January, 2020   Women’s Agenda    Read

What organising an Invasion Day rally taught me about solidarity

July, 2019     The Guardian, Australia    Read

Even education has been used as a weapon of white supremacy in Australia.

May, 2019    Junkee dot com   Read

‘Top End Wedding’ Is The Uplifting Rom-Com Australia Needs.

February, 2019   Eureka Street    Read

Good news stories from the age of outrage.

January, 2019    IndigenousX     Read

Debunking: ‘Protests do nothing’.

January, 2019   Crikey     Read

Swelling crowds and rising heat: the mixed emotions of Invasion Day.

January, 2019     10Daily     Read

Australia, Who The Bloody Hell Are You?

December, 2018     Junkee dot com     Read

#BuskingBecky Is Yet Another Instance Of The Silencing Of Indigenous Voices.

December, 2018     Eureka Street     Read

Australia’s Christmas Cognitive Dissonance.

October, 2018    IndigenousX     Read

We Do Not Need To Give Abbott A Chance, We Know Who He Is.

October, 2018      Junkee dot com     Read

Scott Morrison’s ‘Daggy Dad’ Marketing Isn’t Fooling Anyone.

October, 2018    Eureka Street     Read

Australians Are Leaving Our Leaders behind.

September, 2018     IndigenousX     Read

10 Questions I Get From non-indigenous Students.

August, 2018     Eureka Street     Read

Don’t Buy The Body Lie.

July, 2018     IndigenousX     Read

Indigenous academic women, because of her we can.

June 2018    Eureka Street     Read

Family Diversity Brings New Reasons To Feast.