General update

The time is finally here for me to begin formally sharing from my PhD. I will be presenting two full presentation next week at the Australian Association of Research in Education (AARE). The stories and experiences shared with me are so incredible, to now have the privilege of speaking and sharing these stories is intensely special to me. It is a big milestone and one I am not taking lightly.

I am sitting here on this cloudy Saturday morning, with the kids climbing all over me and the bed, as I work on my laptop to finish the wrapping up a semester of teaching, lecturing, course convening, and working with a fantastic team of educators. All marking moderation is complete, so these last few reports and then once this conference is done I am eagerly anticipating my annual leave.

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 9.24.18 am

This year has been huge! Bigger and better than I anticipated in many ways, and amidst the pain of some truly awful things being done to our people and community, there have been some really special moments. Juggling PhD studies, while being a Full time academic, Mother, partner, community commitments and then the freelance media (mostly unpaid) work I do on the side is not a small load. This year I recognise the privilege and joy in what I have had opportunity to do! I have been an invited, repeat guest on television, gone on radio, featured on a podcast, built my own podcast soon to launch, been featured in two mainstream magazines, done a TED talk (omg!), and there is a chapter being written on me in a book due for release in 2020.

What even is that.

If you had told me this time last year that I would have ended up engaging with all forms of traditional media in a one year period I would have just laughed. What a privilege to get to do this work.

And it all matters to me. I say ‘no’ to a lot of things, and when I say ‘yes’ it is because I believe that it collectively interweaves with the goals I have of breaking down the barriers which inhibit the exchange of knowledge between formal and informal spaces, and is one of the ways I seek to amplify the voices and issues which matter to my community.

My podcast is almost ready to launch! YASSS! The yarns recorded for Blacademia so far are amazing, and the first one will be available to stream from January 1st. The podcast is not paid work or affiliated with/part of my employed workload at all. I have been doing all of it in my own time, it is a passion project, and one I have mindfully built in regards to protecting cultural intellectual property – so I give it that time with gladness.

Also, we got guinea pigs. Because what we need is more work to do hahaha. They’re actually amazing though, and I love them. The featured image on this post is one of our little herd, his name is Flash.

My TED talk is now available to watch online.

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