Publications, an award and a TEDx talk!


I know I am very terribly no good at regularly updating this blog. 

To be honest, I would have deleted the site months ago because I do not like doing things by halves – except there are two posts – FNP resources and WTF is a PHD – which consistently get hundreds of hits every week, and I don’t want to delete them when they’re apparently being enjoyed as a resource. And to be honest, those two posts hold many of the answers to questions which I regularly get asked by people I do not know, so being able to just link them saves my time, while still helping out. So although I am a boring, reluctant blogger… blog sits here and gets neglected by me.



Sometimes as I walk through the car park at work, or when I am at the school gate collecting my children, I think to myself ‘oh I should update the blog!’ but then six months pass and I haven’t done it.

I have been the good kind of busy, with course convening, PhD writing, having my formal academic work accepted for conferences, being commissioned to write in media spaces, going on programs such as ABC’s The Drum as a guest, and just this last week I received a national award. I am time poor, so the blog drops down the list of priorities and rightfully so.

I am also very excited to share that I am doing a TEDx talk! This for me is total #goals so to be invited was a total dreeeaaaam! If you don’t know what TED or TEDx are, you can learn more here and here. The talk is fully written, rehearsal was this past weekend, and the big event is this coming weekend,

Right now I am writing this blog post under the guise of ‘well I am really very overdue at updating the blog’ but in reality I am really just procrastinating practicing my TEDx talk.

Not that I am not enjoying the TEDx journey – I am! And definitely not for a lack of excitement, I have had my outfit laid out for a fortnight, I am pumped! But purely because it is 15 minutes of talking by rote, so to attempt to remember every word I have been listening to a recording of myself and I am just sick of the sound of my own voice. SO here I am avoiding that by doing this 😉


I am also course convening, lecturing, tutoring, mentoring, and working on my PhD. On top of that I have continued to go on programs like ABCs The Drum, and added a few more pieces out to the online written media space.


Recent publications include:

  • ‘Top End Wedding’ Is The Uplifting Rom-Com Australia Needs. May 27th, 2019
    May, 2019

Link: Junkee

  • ‘5 Feminists on What Women Need: It’s Not Just Pay Equality’
    August, 2019

Link: Primer_Au

Awards received:

  • Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards #WALA2019
    Emerging Leader in the Government or Public Sector
    September, 2019
  • 1st Place, Three Minute Thesis, Department of Educational Studies Heat


Upcoming suoer-exciting awesomeness:

TEDx Talk @ TEDx Macquarie

TEDx Macquarie Event


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