Affordable* family fun

If you are in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, or Nelson Bay regions this weekend then I definitely recommend you head over to the Newcastle Regional Show, located at the show grounds in Broadmeadow. Entry for a family of four will set you back $35, there are plenty of free activities and demonstrations once you get inside, and I was so surprised to discover that there were a lot of show bags priced well under $10! I feel like the themes, but not the prices of show bags have changed since I was a child! The dodgems were $8 a car, so for us as a family of four (2 per car) that is just $16 for us all to go on the ride.


Our children (and us) LOVED the free petting zoo, and easily spent 15 minutes in there chasing goats while attempting to brush their hair. Master two was obsessed with watching the baby ducks, and Miss 7 tried unsuccessfully to pat the chickens.


There is a schedule available here:


Family friendly bonuses included a water bottle refill station (no paying $5 for a bottle of water), free model trains display, beautiful wood turning display – our children received free hand crafted spinning tops, and tonight there will be FIRE WORKS! We actually won decent prizes on both games we attempted too!

The Newcastle Regional Show only runs three days a year! Today, tomorrow, and Sunday! We got there early evening and enjoyed the quiet/small lines before the inevitable dinner rush!

After a really busy, but successful first week of semester, this was a fun way to spend a Friday evening!


Amy x

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