bootcamp + birthdays



This is just a touching base, positive post ✨

What a a great start to the year! It is already flying by 🙈 I got gig tickets for my birthday which I’m so excited for! We organised a baby sitter and went out on a date night for Hubbys birthday, it was heavenly, dinner was scrumptious!

Weather has been perfect for swimming, and apart from a few plagues of blue bottles we’ve been loving our local swimming spaces, and I’m on a good roll with reading and finding quality/appropriate lit which I’ve been hunting for foreverrrr 🙌🏽

Hubby’s birthday ✅

Back in to the thick of things at work ✅

P.h.D underway again ✅

Tried something new – espresso martini ✅

Attended a fun ‘shut up and write, bootcamp’ ✅

Teaching allocation sorted ✅

Successfully established a continuous brew kombucha!  ✅

Valentines Day participated in with cuteness ✅

Ready to keep kicking goals ✅


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