Hellooooo 2018



It’s a New Year, a time where many people set resolutions and goals. I personally don’t set resolutions for the New Year – for me, small changes, made regularly, work better than resolutions made in the haze of overindulgence from Christmas celebrations. So I’m going to keep continuing with the little changes, the mindful steps each day, breathing in, savouring the moment, enjoying what we have, and working hard towards our big goals and dreams. The goal for a while has been to nourish, so I can flourish, so I’m going to keep on with that for myself and for our family.


Reflecting on 2017 ive realised that this has been the year that I’ve become aware of how spoiled I am in terms of the generous, loving, encouraging, and strong adults who I share my life with. The more of the world I see, the more I realise that my whole life I’ve been surrounded by the best of people. My life long friends, and my family, see me for who I am and encourage me to go further, be better, get stronger, achieve more. They don’t tell me to be less, they don’t make me feel like I need to change my shape to fit in, and I never realised how uncommon that is until recently. I’ve heard and seen so many people pressed and pushed into bad situations this year, I’ve heard so many unkind words, and it’s made me feel so grateful for the people who fill my own world ❤️ I appreciate the way I’ve been supported emotionally, I’m grateful for who my husband is, my family is, who I am. I have come to realise that my people – they’re the kind of people who walk through the earth with the understanding that everyone you mee knows something that you don’t, and they respond to that with curiosity and engagement. And the result is magical. It’s diversity. It’s love. It’s encouragement, and learning, and growth  .




If you don’t feel loved and supported, I encourage you to keep looking until you find your people. Set boundaries where they are needed, invest in self care, get to know yourself better so you can know what you’re even looking for ✨ Swim in the sea, look at the stars, listen for birds, turn your favourite music up, you do you 🌊



Let 2018 be a magical, and happy year.



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