Makings of a literary genius…

It’s that time of year, when our children’s school work all gets sent home for us to ooooh and ahhhh at 😍

And for many families it’s time for us to also inwardly eeek and arrgggh at what our children wrote in the comfort of their classrooms, and be oh so grateful the year is done so we don’t have to face the class teacher with this knowledge *awkwardly shifts* 😂

It is stinking hot today, so as my children ran and jumped through the sprinkler I sat on the deck to read my daughters Year One writing book…

Do you want to hear the best short story ever? Because my daughter has written it 😂 my sweet, serious girl. Actually she has written several. For those of you who aren’t primary school teachers, I’ll translate here:

The Pigeon

‘The pigeon can’t drive the bus. He would go too fast, and would crash. He would kill people because he does not know how to brake. He is naughty, and could only drive in the pigeon world. He can not drive the bus, he is crazy talking. You are one crazy little pigeon, you will die’.


😂 look out literary world, I think she raises some good points

Here is another gem, from the very next page…

Dear Pig

‘Dear Pig,

why are you mean to me? I’m not mean to you. You know that I did not do the fart. So please do not be mean to me. I share dog treats with you’


Miss E explained to me that this second one was an imagined letter to Pig the Pug from the story series

Ahhhh these are the parts of parenting that you can die of awkwardness from, or embrace and roll around laughing at, choosing to see creativity and boldness! I must read these books to get the full context hehe. I personally think these are signs she is a literary genius, but I’m happily biased toward her.

Amy x


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