First blog post

Life is a funny thing, in that a lot of the time we just do it without stopping to think about the over arching, and intersecting roles and responsibilities we have daily. Most of the time, I just go about my business, juggling, having semi-regular panic attacks, relying heavily on my husband, and neglecting the washing. When the moments come where my many roles get discussed…

“So you work full-time?”
“And you are a full-time PhD student?”
“And you have children?”
“How do you do it”
“I do not know, poorly?”

I sometimes end up feeling my chest tighten, because if I really think about it, I do not know how I do it. I think sometimes I do it poorly, other times I feel on top of the world and capable of everything. Whatever the mood, or feeling, it is always a juggle which requires a lot of coffee, a patient husband, the wisdom of those who have gone before me, and a level of self-discipline I never really knew I had. I am presently working on my ‘confirmation’ application, and this is what that looks like. I cuddled my toddler son to sleep, while reading literature over his shoulder, then moved him over when he was finally asleep so I could keep studying.

Pic thanks to Hubby.

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